About Us

The Robert Anderson Foundation began in 1987 as a tribute to Bob Anderson from Brawley, California. In 2021 the Foundation also became a tribute to Dave Anderson (Bob’s son who lived in Portland, Oregon). Today the Anderson Family Foundation continues its vision by providing annual scholarships to college-bound high school seniors based on their community service, leadership, and/or participation in high school, or club athletics.

About Bob

Bob was deeply committed to community service throughout his life. He founded and served as the Scoutmaster of Troop 22 in Brawley, California and he also served as the Scoutmaster of Troop 1602 in Mission Viejo, California. He was an Eagle Scout and received the Silver Beaver award, the highest honor for an adult leader in scouting. Bob guided 19 young men to the rank of Eagle Scout. He was actively involved in his community helping young people realize their full potential in life and participated in numerous service organizations. The Anderson Family Foundation continues Bob’s vision by providing annual scholarships to college students based on their achievement and leadership through acts of community service.

About Dave

Dave spent most of his childhood in Brawley, CA where he was an Eagle Scout in Troop 22 led by his father, Bob Anderson.  He played high school soccer and tennis at Brawley Union High School and LaCrosse in college at UC Davis.  In 1994, Dave married and moved to Portland, OR, and served as a successful leader in his corporate endeavors.  He was well known for his love of family and friends and his passion for all sports.  Dave raced on a City League ski team, enjoyed recreational dirt biking, and had a love for all sports.  Dave’s family is proud to honor his memory by extending college scholarships to college-bound students who participated in high school and/or club athletics.


1987 – Ryan Kelley
1988 – David Anderson
1989 – Brett Smith
1991 – Sam Brown
1992 – Jake Fuller
1993 – Keith Smith Jr.
1996 – William Ira Smith
1997 – Scott Pace
1999 – Richard Pace
2000 – Jesse Williams
2001 – Spencer Kellogg
2002 – Marianne Wenzel
2003 – Kenneth Plunkett, Jr.

2004 – Alberto Alvarado
2005 – Dervla O’Leary
2006 – Genesis Andrade
2007 – Brett Mamer
2008 – Kathryn Elmore
2009 – Thomas Gray
2011 – Melissa Kruger
2011 – Julia Staben
2012 – Conrad Faubion
2013 – Ashlynn Brandt
2013 –  Madison Allen
2014 – Bryan Wood
2014 – Conner Trimm

2015 – Alex Baran
2015 – Cali Sassie
2016 – Andra Peraza
2016 – Cannon Walker
2016 – Veronica Garcia
2016 – Carson Brandt
2016 – Allison Shank
2017 – Conor Kelley
2017 – Ross Wilson
2018 – Jorge Chavez Jr.
2019 – Tyler Peraza
2020 – Monique Acuna
2021 – Julitza Alvarez
2022 – Isabella Rebollar
2022 – Aaron Li

Make a Donation

The Anderson Family Foundation Scholarship began in 1987 as a living memorial to Bob Anderson. During Dave and Bob’s lifetime, they generously gave time to the community as a role models and leaders in scouting, youth programs and athletics. It is fitting that we remember them through scholarships for college bound students who contribute to the community. In 2021, The Anderson Family Foundation began extending scholarships in Dave’s honor to college bound students who participated in high school or club athletics. Every year, we award graduating high school seniors in pursuit of their educational goals. The Robert Anderson Foundation (DBA The Anderson Family Foundation) is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit foundation under section 501(c)(3) of the internal revenue code. Therefore, any contribution to the foundation is considered a charitable donation on a personal or corporate tax return.The administration of the foundation is completely voluntary. If you are planning to make any charitable contributions this year, we hope that you will consider The Anderson Family Foundation.

Apply for Scholarship

The application criteria is as follows:

  • Graduating Senior from Brawley Union High School, Brawley, CA
  • Acceptance to a four-year university pursuing a Bachelor’s degree
  • Community Service


  • Graduating Senior from Sunset High School, Portland OR
  • Acceptance to a four-year university pursuing a Bachelor’s degree
  • Participation in High School / Club Sports or School Leadership